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Midwest Book Review:  “You’re Never Too Big To Hold is a wonderful book for children and adults that reassures everyone that, “No matter how old, or big, or strong–you can be held your whole life long!”  Filled with delicate pastel illustrations of fuzzy, magic, shapechanging, supportive beings who hold you safe no matter how big you are, You’re Never Too Big To Hold is redolent with universal appeal. It addresses fears and doubts of the psyche in all. A beautiful gift, You’re Never Too Big To Hold has a therapeutic application that rings loud and clear across generational barriers, encouraging intergenerational dialogue and communication.”


“This book has been a perfect fit for my store. My customers love it.”  Diane McCarthy, owner of  The Olive Branch Art Gallery in Overland Park, KS

“Honestly, I could go on and on about this book. Although we display “You’re Never Too Big To Hold” in the children’s section of the store, it is often purchased by adults for other adults who are going through some sort of trial in their life. We have grandmothers buy it for their grandchildren and children buy it for their parents and friends buy it for friends. Several times we’ve had customers purchase multiple copies of this book with no recipient in mind, kind of saving it until the need arises. It is a very sweet, uncomplicated book that has done a lot of good for a lot of people.” Liz Tucker, owner of Poppy (a gallery and gift shop) in Columbia, MO 

“Could I order 15 more books, please? They continue to be loved and very popular.” Pamela Banker, owner of Earth Art Studio in Sister Bay, WI  


“I just read You’re Never Too Big To Hold four times in a row to my daughter, at her request. The kids love it! Thanks for writing it–it’s a beautiful message and a great reminder to me as a parent to unplug and just hold and enjoy my children. And my spouse! (Side note: my daughter is in love with the little yellow guy with the sprig of hair on his/her head. She calls him “the little bean,” as in, “That little bean is so cute!”)  Lauren Williams, librarian, Columbia, MO

“I love this book. It’s a simple story for young and old and the illustrations are incredible. Imaginative, warm and fuzzy “beings” show you why we’re never too big to be held. I bought copies for all of my nieces and nephews from all corners of the US, and I am giving it to my adult friends too, because the story is ageless.”  Amazon review by Bobbi Sue (see more reviews at Amazon.com)

“I read You’re Never Too Big To Hold to my daughter when she was in kindergarten, and she loved it. Now that she’s beginning to read, it’s still one of her favorites. In fact, she just did a book report on it for her first grade class!  Krisha D., Marceline, MO

“This book is a must have, whether you are a parent who wants to assure your children that nurturing touch is a basic need, and that they can ask for it (whatever their age), or you need to remind yourself that love can safely and abundantly come from outside of yourself. The color and humor used in the pages lovingly illustrates what is so profoundly true. Own it, read it, give it to your friends. You are truly never too big to hold!” Amazon review by Toni Rahman, LCSW

“We got your book, and our daughter loves it. We’ve been reading it for 5 days in a row.  She says, “I want to read the cute book.”  And she means yours!” Monica Lee, Columbia, MO

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