Holding (aka Cuddling): Not Just for Kids and Couples Anymore

    Here’s a collection of recent videos, websites and other info on the new trend of comforting, platonic touch, even between strangers. Read below to find out about cuddle parties, professional cuddling, and even a new cuddle app! I’m so glad all this is happening. The world will be better (and calmer) for it.

Cuddle Parties

♦ The Official Cuddle Party Website: www.cuddleparty.com

♦ Map of cuddle party Meetup groups worldwide (Please note: Despite the “related topics” listed below the map, cuddle parties are indeed non-sexual!)

Below: Trailer for “Cuddle,” a new documentary to be released in December 2015.  www.thecuddlemovie.com

 Why Hundreds of Utahns are Cuddling–Nonsexually–with Strangers.” The Salt Lake Tribune, August 12, 2015

♦ “Fighting Loneliness with Cuddle Parties,” The Atlantic, July 15, 2014. (A good overview of cuddle parties, including their history, philosophy and social and health benefits.)  

Below: “Inside the World of the Cuddle Party,” The Morning Show (Canada) with Liem Vu, May 31, 2014

Professional Cuddling

Below: “The Fine Art of Cuddling,” CBS Sunday Morning with Mo Rocca, Feb. 9, 2014

Website for “Cuddle Up To Me,” the cuddling business in Portland, OR profiled on the CBS Sunday Morning video above.

♦ “Would You Pay a Stranger to Cuddle with You?” U.S News and World Report, July 30, 2012.  An earlier but very good review.

♦ The Dec. 2015-Jan. 2016 issue of AARP Magazine-yes, that AARP!–featured an article, “The Power of Touch,” which includes information about Cuddle Parties! Talk about going mainstream. 

Cuddle Apps

Originally called “Cuddlr,” this app was controversial for safety reasons (the premise was generally applauded) when it first came out in September 2014. It has since changed hands and was reissued as Spoonr in October 2015. Since then another cuddle app, Cuddle Comfort (https://www.cuddlecomfort.com) has also appeared on the scene.

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