This is the website of You’re Never Too Big To Hold, a picture book about the importance of holding for kids and grownups.

You're never too big to hold book coverI created this book because of an experience I had in the hospital. For this reason,  I have always hoped that You’re Never Too Big To Hold would be read by patients in health-care facilities.  If you know someone in a hospital, hospice, nursing home, or treatment center, I hope you will consider giving them this book. (If you are both willing, a live demonstration would be nice, too.)

Of course I’m also thrilled that kids, parents and grandparents are reading You’re Never Too Big To Hold to each other. When it comes to warm, enthusiastic holding, children are certainly the best teachers on the planet! (They’re also excellent role models for “letting go” when they’ve had enough.)

However this book is used, my deepest desire is that it helps readers get a little closer to the people they care about, especially when times are hard. Through the simple act of holding, we can all comfort each other—no matter how “big” we are!

May you be safely held,

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